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I love working at fika because we treat eachother lke family and I get to build my confidence interacting with people as I meet someone new everyday from all works of life.

Shaherah -
Service Team Member


At fika, we are a family. We work together to make sure we have the outmost positive impacts for our customers. Personally, fika has given me countless opportunities to shine.

Lulu -
Commis Cook


No. of years worked: 3.5

As an undergrad, working part-time in fika provides me with the flexibility I need for my hectic schedule. Not only that, it allows me to build up my communication skills and make new life-long friends!

Sufyan -
Service Team Member

• Manager

• Supervisor

• Service Team Member

• Commis Cook

• Leading Cook

When applying for any position at our company please include a cover letter telling us why you want to work at Fika as well as how you can contribute to the team.

Please note.

In order to apply for any of the above listed positions you must first obtain a food and hygiene certification. 


If you have any questions or feedback please contact us right away using the contact form below.

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