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It is important to us that we do our part to give back to society.


We shall do our best to continue supporting the charity organisations that we are passionate about and do what we can to support causes that strive to make our community a better place.


We hope that you will join us on our mission to make a difference!



Hope Villages Fund

Fikacares has been supporting the Hope Villages Fund since 2010 in providing clean water to the people of villages in Cambodia. 100% of the funds collected from our sales of water goes to this fund. To this date Fika has donated more than $80k to this movement.


We are currently working on projects to foster the establishment of a more sustainable life for the people of Kampong Speu. ─ Arfat Selvam, Director , Hope Villages Fund , is also a Managing Partner of Duane Morris & Selvam LLP



Singapore Children's Society

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro is a family restaurant and children hold a special place in our hearts. This year Fika will be sponsoring events at our venues to bring happiness to these underpriviledged children. 


We are also proud to be part of the "1000 Enterprises for children in need" as a business that cares!



Breast-Feeding Friends Singapore

We are 100% supportive of the BFF campaign to promote acceptance for public breastfeeding.


At Fika we strive to make parents feel comfortable and at ease to not only feed their child without feeling concious but also have proper facilities to change diapers, pump breast milk, prepare formula milk and baby food and even a pay area for the kids to play so as parents get to eat their meals in peace!


As parents we are proud to be onboard as the first eating establishment to promote this campaign.



Spirit Of Enterprise

In 2015, we were one of the selected few to be honoured with a Spirit of Enterprise Award.


The Spirit of Enterprise promotes and advances entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium-sized businesses. We also serve to inspire Singaporeans, especially the young, to become entrepreneurs by facilitating interaction, communication and knowledge dissemination between students, the entrepreneurs and the general public. -



Muslim Kidney Action Association

During the fasting month, Fika invites a group of patients from the MKAC daily to allow them to enjoy a break fast meal and enjoy themselves.


We are so happy to serve them every year and be part of their special night out.


We pledge to lend our support and continue to be part of their yearly get togethers.


Since 1989, the Industrial and Services Co-operative Society Limited (ISCOS) has been extending friendship and support to its members (ex-offenders) and their families so that they can lead meaningful and productive lives. Under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs, ISCOS is the only co-operative in Singapore that actively engages the community to help ex-offenders gain a foothold in society.

ISCOS is proud to be one of the founding members of the Community Action for the Rehabilitation of Ex-Offenders (CARE) Network which organises the annual Yellow Ribbon Project.

"Lets make a dent in the universe."

                                                             - Steve Jobs

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